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Strain Relief Fittings / Cord Grips / Cable Glands: Black & Gray Nylon
Dome Top
- PG 13 Thread

Insert for ASI-BUS Cables

  CE   ULf1 (746C)
German Lloyd PCT RoHS Approval Deca BDE Approval

Fitting is UL listed, not including FLAKA (ROMEX®) Insert.*

Black Nylon Strain Relief Dome Fitting with ROMEX® Flat Cable Insert
Slot Size 1: .17" x .41"  (4.2 x 10.4 mm)
Part Number

Hummel HSK-K-FLAKA Reference (Custom Assembly Required)
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1.091.1300.19(Insert Only)
Hole O.D. (A) .80" (20.3 mm)
Body Length (B/C) 1.06" (27 mm)
Thread Length (D) .35" (9 mm)
Wrench Flat (F1/F) .94" (24 mm)
Strain Relief - Suggested Clearance Hole for Non-Threaded Mounting
Suggested Clearance
Hole for Non-
Threaded Mounting
Technical Drawing Strain Relief - Dome Fitting - Technical Drawing
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