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Liquid Tight Strain Relief Fittings / Cord Grips / Cable Glands
Romex ® Cable Picture
CE ULf1 (746C) German Lloyd PCT RoHS Approval Deca BDE Approval
These fittings feature a form seal with flat opening to seal underground feeder. They are made of Nylon with a Buna-N form seal and are resistant to salt water, weak acids, weak alkalis, alcohol, ether, esters, ketones, mineral, animal and vegetable oils.
ULf1 (746C) UV Stable Material All Black Nylon Strain Relief Fittings, Cable Glands, Cord Grips & Fittings (Dome only) are manufactured with a NEW ULf1 / UL f1 (746C), UV Stable material. This new UV/V0 material is built for the Solar, Photovoltaic, Outdoor Industries.

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Black Nylon - Romex Liquid Tight Strain Relief Fittings for Flat Cables
Gray Nylon - Romex Liquid Tight Strain Relief Fittings for Flat Cables

Inches (mm)

CD20MS-A1 - .17 x .41 (4.2 x 10.4) M20 x 1.5 Click Here for more Information
CD20MS-01 CD20MS-02 .24 x .55 (6 x 14) Click Here for more Information
CD20MS-03 CD20MS-04 .20 x .45 (5 x 11.5)
CD20MS-05 CD20MS-06 .28 x .47 (7 x 12)
CD25MS-01 CD25MS-02 .24 x .55 (6 x 14) M25 x 1.5 Click Here for more Information
CD25MS-03 CD25MS-04 .28 x .55 (7 x 14)
NPT Threads Metric Threads
Dome Fittings also available in ATEX & IECEx versions

Multi-hole configurations also available

Non-corrosive and suitable for direct burial installations. These form seals fit strain relief fittings made of other materials (nickel plated brass, Stainless, etc.). Romex® is a registered trademark of Southwire Company.

Fitting is UL listed, not including FLAKA (ROMEX®) Insert.

To meet UL, only Romex style cable (flat top and bottom) can be used with this style Strain Relief (no Zip Cable, no Ribbon cable, etc.)

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