Tang Break Tools

Tang Break Tools

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Efficient tang break-off is dependant upon several conditions, the correct diameter tool being the most obvious factor. However sufficient thread must exist in the tapped hole to provide the necessary support at the tang elbow and adequate clearance beyond the insert must be present to allow for tang deflection.

Assuming those conditions apply, de-tanging is a very simple operation to perform. The specified limits for drilling and tapping lengths in tabulated form, have been calculated to ensure such conditions.



Manual Tang Break Tools

Available for all sizes and types of insert, manual tang break punches are the simplest and most commonly used type of tang break-off tool. A sharp blow with a small hammer is normally sufficient for consistent de-tanging of fitted inserts with this type of tool.

Semi-Automatic Tang Break Tools

Spring loaded semi-automatic tang break punches are extremely easy to use and require no other tooling.

Suitable for inserts ranging from M2 to M12, or the equivalent unified/British sizes, they deliver a controlled impact and are particularly effective on very small diameter inserts.

To use, simply position over fitted insert and push down telescopic handle using only hand pressure. Internal spring is loaded then automatically released, firing punch and shearing tang instantly.